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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

and now we have corn flakes

yay, foodies unite!

maybe eventually digital vittles will have sections such as bakeries, sushi, faux meat, etc. speaking of which, the latest issue of chow magazine has a really interesting piece on fake meat, its origins, and how the latest incarnation is more junk food faux meat items, like chicken nuggets and corndogs (which i happen to love with a tot or two) or fried faux meat in restaurants, like sweet and sour chicken at golden era in sf. anyway, here's a bit from the article:

"Products that mimic the texture and taste of meat (sort of) have been around for ages and were originally an outgrowth of Buddhist culture. In order to wean new monks off meat and to promote vegetarianism among their flock, Chinese Buddhist monasteries offered foods that simulated the texture and flavor of meat but carried only the sins of the faux flesh...Soy foods and mock meats were introduced to America through a combination of Henry Ford's obsession with soy and John Harvey Kellogg's mania for health...[Kellogg] wanted to provide Americans with a simple way of embracing vegetarianism. He first set his sights on eliminating meat from the breakfast table, creating the first breakfast cereal."


  • Two thoughts:

    veggie corn dogs from trader joes are insanely good

    on the chinese menu at Lee Garden Restaurant (2685 Federated Boulevard) there are some really fun faux meat items

    By Blogger jason, at 4:28 PM  

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