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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Avocado Lime Ice Cream (and Cabernet Franc)

Two recent discoveries:

1) Jeni's ice cream has a new limited time only flavor: avocado lime. Yum! It is made up of 2/3 real avovados! Get it while it lasts.

2) If you are at the Burgundy Room, try the Hahn Estates cabernet franc. It's a really superb wine for 20 dollars a bottle! They also have desserts that combine Jenni's ice cream with Pistachio pastry. Heaven. Now, I just need to get Burgundy Room to serve real Spanish Tapas, rather than overpriced nouveau bistro cuisine on small plates. And, after that, they need to hire an acoustic engineer to fix the incredibe noise level. Then, and only then, will they make my list of top 17 restaurants :).


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