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Thursday, June 23, 2005

"Spice is bland..." says Ben

And I must agree! Last night I had a little soiree to celebrate my transistion from Ms. Dingo to Dr. Dingo (trans is the new post) at the new, hip, and trendy bar Spice. I have to say, other than hip and trendy, Spice offers very little more. For the most part, if you can get your waitress' attention, the drinks were too sweet, not very strong or tasty, and OVER-PRICED! In fact, I do not even think that their signature drinks are made with topshelf liquor although they are priced as though they should be.

Anne and I split the beef carpaccio and the mini-- ie four pieces of silver dollar-sized bread pieces--bread plate. The Beef was pretty good but again kinda pricey for what it was. As for the bread, it came with some infused olive oil and pesto (so 1999). Because Anne and I are allergic to some nuts, we asked what the pesto had in it. The waitress said she did not know and when we asked her to check she simply said, "it is probably pinenuts" and never did ask the chef for us. She simply brought out the plate and put it in front of us. So to say the least, the service was terrible too! I am pretty sure the place is not hip and trendy enough to survive if one of us landed on the floor chocking with anaphalatic shock due to an avoidable allergic reaction to their food. Also, our waitresses had all 10-15 of us on the same tab! At the end of the night, she simply brought out a long bill of all our food and drinks and expected us to drunkenly figure out how to add up what we had plus tip. Here is a little tip, each time a new member arrives at a table, the waitress should ask the customer if he/she wants to start a tab!

But on a more positive note, Spice's patio is lovely. There are very few places in Columbus where one can drink and dine outside. I would have preferred that Spice play moody jazz in place of the mono-beat "techno" they had going and hey, what is with the TV projected on the brick wall or the TVs in the cabanas? Come on people, if you're gonna watch TV stay home!


  • last night was so fun. now i'm sad about moving away. bahhhhhhh.

    By Blogger abby, at 12:31 PM  

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