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Sunday, September 18, 2005

A Shout out to Spinelli's Deli

For those whose primary exposure to the Columbus bagel scene comes from the sad offerings in the English Dept, know that there is hope: Spinelli's Deli at Neil and Buttles (in the same shopping center as the eagle).

This locally owned shop--which promotes cool things like pride and ladyfest--makes its own bagels, and they are damn good. Their bagels are a little different in style than a classic New York bagel, but they're still a thing of wonder and beauty.

My favorite Spinelli's dish: fried egg and regular cream cheese on a toasted everything bagel (only 1.89).

My one complaint: the only fair trade, organic coffee they offer is a light roast; the dark roast blend is "unfair" and pesticide-riddled. (Must we sacrifice flavor for conscience? I think not.)


  • i must second your big ups to spinelli's. it's around this time of the year that they start offering pumpkin soup, too. it's hella good.

    By Blogger Ashley, at 9:09 PM  

  • Thanks, Jason! Ryan and I have been looking for a good bagel place since we got here. We're trying to re-create the South Jersey bagel experience, so hopefully this will fill in nicely.

    By Blogger Specs, at 12:06 PM  

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