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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Frozen Pierogies

I have discovered two new exciting developments in the frozen pierogi world.

1) The Anderson's (right by whole foods on 161 near sawmill) sells Mamusia's Pierogies. They taste as close to homemade as I've ever found! Let them slowly defrost in the fridge and then sautee them in butter. Don't boil them.

2) Sometimes, I can't make a special trip to the Andersons to buy pierogies. So, I am stuck with Mrs. T's from Giant Eagle. Mrs T's taste far from homemade (with their hint of manufactured rubberiness). But, Mrs. T's has come out with an innovative new flavor: potato, cheddar, jalepono. These jalepeno pierogies are delightfully spicy. I reccommend serving them with chipotle-spiced sour cream!


  • yum, thinking about pierogis makes me want to go to jungle jim's. so tasty.

    By Blogger abby, at 1:56 PM  

  • You should try the pierogis from Krystyna's Deli in Grandview. Not as cheap as the frozen grocery store variety, but delicious, nonetheless. They have at least 12 varieties from standard cheese & onion to blueberry.

    By Blogger Lisa the Waitress, at 2:52 PM  

  • Thanks! I'll have to check that out.

    By Blogger jason, at 11:19 PM  

  • Why can't I boil them?

    By Blogger Idle Crank, at 5:13 AM  

  • Funny, I just found the answer to that before coming here.

    By Anonymous Columbusite, at 1:11 AM  

  • HI I love to cook pierogies, I am of polish descent and I'm wondering if I could sell my pierogies, back in my polish neighborhood in ny I've been told my pierogies are the best. I don't know how much to charge per pierogie as I use the most expensive and best ingredients.Would $2.00 a pierogie seem fair? Mary

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:06 PM  

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