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Saturday, May 27, 2006

MMMM Salad

I just had the most wonderful salad for lunch...

Fresh mesculin mix (from my CSA)
Thinly sliced radishes (12 for a 1 dollar at clintonville farmers market)
Cheddar and bleu cheese mix (from the Joes)
Salt, olive oil, and balsamic (from the Joes)

The greatest thing about committing to eat locally is that you broaden your produce horizoons. Today, rasishes made their first appearence at the markets and I did a little dance for joy (even though I must admit I'd paid little attention to the humble radish in my past). Yet, the radish is so crunchy, so tangy, so delightful. I'll be making several more dishes with radishes throughout the week no doubt. Next week, I suspect I'll become enamored of another vegetable...

P.S. I realize my food blogging is currently lacking in visual interest. I'm going to start checking out a digital camera for the weekends so I can entice you with images as well words...


  • Martha (as in the ex-con Stewart) recently did a little special on radishes on her show - she sauteed them up in a little olive oil, dashed a little salt and pepper in the pan, and voila! plus, they turn a lovely bright red color as they cool. interesting, because I've never thought beyond "radish as crudite". I do now.

    By Blogger Aminda, at 7:05 PM  

  • I love radishes. Wednesday, I ate half a bag on the way home from the store just as a snack.


    By Anonymous About:Blank, at 6:35 AM  

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