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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Early Turkey Planning

Here is a preliminary menu for the big day...


  • Cornbread dressing (not vegetarian)
  • Smoked turkey (not vegetarian)
  • Sweet potato casserole (non-marshmallow variety)
  • Spanish smashed potatoes with kale (veg)
  • Vegetarian dressing
  • Vegetarian gravy
  • Collard / mustard greens (cooked with vegetarian Vietnamese broth, ghee, and Ethiopian spices)
  • Roast root vegetables
  • Groundnut harvest stew

  • Sweet potato pie with spicy dark chocolate
  • Possibly some other pies, cakes, etc.

Did I miss anything? I may start a wiki and then everyone can contribute without searching their Gmail for the discussion.

Update: I have now created the wiki. If I missed anyone or if any regular DV posters want in on the recipe action, let me know. You will need to respond to the invite in order to access the wiki. Again, if you want in on the action, send me an email at my Gmail account. (My blogger username is the same as my Gmail account.)

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