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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Patric Chocolate

There are chocolatiers and there are chocolate makers. In COMO, we have a chocolate maker. His name is Alan McClure. What makes him a chocolate maker? Well, he takes the chocolate from bean to bar (although, technically, it's not a bean) instead of just melting it with some sugar and milk over caramel or peanuts or whatever. Alan is a true artisan in the chocolate world.

Anyway, R and I have befriended Alan and his chocolate over the past several months. We met at a beer tasting and Alan is a foodie that would make us all proud. He hunts down the best meats and produce all over the Show-Me state, not to mention the lengths he goes to (including trips to Madagascar) to bring people the best chocolate.

I realize that V-day is over, but it's not too late to support a true food lover like Alan. Go to his website, buy a bar or three. He also sells hot chocolate discs and cocoa nibs. You can thank me later.

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