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Thursday, July 09, 2009

For all the CSA fans in the house...

I was perusing Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools blog as I am wont to do when I stumbled across this recent review of LocalHarvest, a CSA/co-op/community agriculture/farmer's market/restaurant search tool that helps you locate such offerings in your area. I'm fascinated by the almost natural synergy (excuse the hackneyed term, but it's early) of back-to-basics movements and new social networking technologies. Many of the locations we're familiar with came up with a simple zip code search (North Star, The Sipples, Wayward Seed, North Market, and many more), so it passed my rigorous testing, at least.

On an entirely unrelated note, for the gastronomic sadists out there: FancyFastFoods is a site dedicated to helping those Cheesy Gordita Crunches and McRib Sandwiches realize their culinary apogee (well, aesthetically... certainly not nutritionally or taste-wise). The food photography, incidentally, is incredible. Like tapas? Here's what you can do with cheap, greasy White Castle fare:

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