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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

eating italy

dear vittles:
today marks one week of my life in italy. i have a very small kitchen (in a cabinet actually) and i have cooked two meals since being here, otherwise relying on the dinners provdied at instituto gould, cafes, etc. i have photos of all sorts of foodie fun but i am not willing to part with the euro it would take to upload them at the internet cafe. you know i love you but i would rather spend the euro on so many other things...sigh. besides the many cappuccinos, scoops of gelato, pasta, bread, pesto, fresh mozzarella, panini, and many other delicious foodstuffs i have sampled, i also visited an italian equivalent to our "flying j" travel center, a petrol and snack station on the side of the highway. unlike the fake-cheese nachos, hot dogs, and other truck stop fare we offer in the united states, italian pit stops include pasta with pesto, fresh panini, chocolate from around europe, fresh meats, cheeses, and pastas, cappuccino, espresso, etc. the attitude of eating well no matter where is enviable to say the least, one of many attitudes regarding food i will do my best to stash in my bag and bring back to you.


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