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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Restaurant: Sage American Bistro

The North Campus area has a new chow-hole: Sage American Bistro, which sits in that accursed spot that used to house the Kitchen Lounge (defunct) and before that some Mediterranean joint (also defunct). Results from the first outing were mixed--a tad pricey for the fare, some confusing choices (sesame-encrusted crabcakes? you can't taste the crab!), but some bright spots as well (scallops with blackberry ketchup were actually quite good and well prepared, plus the decor is nice, AND they stock Hendrick's gin). I want to like this place, so let's hope they iron out the wrinkles soon, lest they sink to the ocean floor like those brave, hearty souls that came before...


  • My boyfriend and I went to Sage a month ago. We would love to see the Clintonville area have more dining options other than pizza joints and really want this place to succeed. Great decor, great service but BOY, was that food OVERSALTED! I had the tortellini, which was crunchy (!)(they said it was planned that way) and tasteless (besides the salt flavoring). Boyfriend had a fish dish that was bland and oversalted. The salads were great, however. One bad note, we got towed while dining. It seems the liquor store in the complex has several reserved spots (though our spot only had a barely visible spray-painted address). Signs say "Customer Parking only" -ha! So watch out!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:15 PM  

  • hoanvbdWe had dinner at Sage and I was crossing my fingers, hoping Clintonville would have a place to go other than the usuals, but sad to say We won't be back.
    bottom line is the dishes we ordered were under seasoned and boring, the menu was asleep. I broke my first rule and ordered the strip steak that was on the menu and had it ordered chefs choice also noting the chef was busy glad handing diners the whole time we got served slop. the steak was blue, I had to spit out my second bite. the crab cakes smelled funny and if you like sugar, you will love the slaw with the cakes.
    dress a salad don't drown it.
    I am personally tired of paying for dinner when the food is not even close to par. there is a White Castle and a pizza place next door, both better options.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:31 PM  

  • I am glad to see Sage American Bistro in the "ville"!!!
    my friends and I have a standing reservation every weekend and think that they are doing an amazing job with the food, and beverage. The wine list is very good for a smaller selection. The beers are very good too...not your usual crappy American swill. The scallops are to die for and seared textbook perfect, and that blackberry ketchup is amazing. I have eaten pretty much the whole menu at this point and have a different favorite every time I leave, I often sit and daydream about eating there during a mundane work week. The martini menu is certainly not to be missed, Ed the general Manager is very skilled at mixing those tasty libations with a friendly smile. The chefs skills are certainly very impressive, very creative, always well seasoned, and artfully presented. I was so glad to see an adult restaurant come to Clintonville and this place has certainly made believers out of many of my friends and from the looks of things, on the weekends, many others too...we saw people waiting to sit down for almost 20 minutes because they were so full.
    I think the place is awesome and we will be going back many times to enjoy the staff and the overall experience which is second to none, this is some of the best food in the city, and we eat out every night. I was shocked to read some of the other blogs about this place, but hey that is the world of blogging, nameless and no responsibility attached to a persons opinion. Oh well...Sage is a winner, I will be there every weekend for some time to come! readers poll voted them best new restaurant last week.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:32 AM  

  • Class act in Clintonville!
    Sage is very impressive, the food is great, the steaks melt in your mouth, the fish is very fresh and the flavors used are not to overpowering. The chef obviously has spent some time with great teachers or went to a great school, either way I love the food here. These are the types of places that I frequent because they embody what a chef driven restaurant is all about. See you soon and see you often....Can't wait for the fall menu!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:38 AM  

  • I am a Maryland native and these are crab cakes, no breadcrumbs, just crab and a wonderful texture with the sesame seeds, that slaw is amazing, I was sad when my server told me that it was coming off the menu in the fall but I understand it is kind of summery. I love the food here, the decor is very chill, the art is really hip, tasteful and perfect against the warm brick walls. The other wall has these frames covered with canvas that really do well to keep the full crowds noise to a reasonable roar. My guests and I had no trouble hearing each other despite the fact that the restaurant was full. This place seems to be doing really well and offering valet parking on the weekends is a classy touch, and needed due to the sometimes limited availability. A previous post talked about being towed, to me it seems that a $4 dollar valet is pretty fair price and safe way to preserve the dining experience if the lot is full. I can't understand why anyone would not love the food here, try it and you'll be amazed!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:48 AM  

  • The person who got towed who replied earlier is obviously just bitter and posting a blog on here in spite of that fact. If you can't read a sign that is your fault. I went there with my husband this past weekend and had an amazing grouper dish that was not on the menu, it featured all local vegetables, an amazing corn risotto, and some delicious zucchini. I love Sage and will be back often and especially for those way to easy to drink martini's!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:23 PM  

  • White castle? It is hard to take anyone seriously that claims that stuff is even food. I wouldn't know I can't eat that type of slop. You obviously do not know food. This place is the best new restaurant in a long time. Good luck to all of you at Sage, you have obviously been well received by a large majority of the folks out there, all I hear is great things. I have been there twice and will certainly be back again. Love the food, service is really top notch too...
    Places like this are where good food lies in this city the chef driven places, not a pizza shop and a "burger" joint....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:41 PM  

  • Thank God somebody finally put a great restaurant in Clintonville, Giorgio is just so-so and Alana's is really really pricey. Sage has the best value to quality ratio of anywhere around the area. The service was very attentive and the decor is crisp and warm. It just feels good in this spot, unfortunately for the owner people might not want to leave.
    But one thing is for sure this owner knows what people in this area want. I am vegetarian and I was concerned not to see a vegetarian option on the menu but when I asked what could be done my server told me that the Chef would prepare something off the menu. The dish I got was magnificent, all kinds of fresh vegetables, and no pasta!!! It shows that the chef is conscience of vegetarian needs without taking shortcuts. This dish far and away outdid anything I ever had at Dragonfly. My dining guest had the Tuna, it had this amazing tomato jam that blew me away, tomato jam, really cool..!! this place is good on all fronts we are going back often and telling all of our friends. Park behind the restaurant in their lot, I noticed another blogger was towed. The signs are very clear and the restaurant offered valet the night we were there so the $4 bucks was certainly worth the convenience. Certainly cheaper than a tow.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:36 PM  

  • I have traveled all over the world and have had the chance to try food from so many different cultures. I consider myself a food snob and total foodie. I will try anything once and if I like it tell everyone I know. This is exactly how I feel about Sage in Clintonville. I've been in numerous times and love everything I've had. Reading different blogs and newspaper articles, I'm seeing others love it too.
    I've had the chance to eat most of the dishes and so far my favorites are the Blackberry Scallops, Crab Cakes, Pork Tenderloin, and Yellowfin Tuna. I really enjoy the specials they've had the past few weeks. Last week they had Grouper that had an amazing corn and bacon risotto, sauteed veggies, and a corn broth. Our server told us that all the vegetables used were Ohio grown.
    Another great thing about Sage, they have a perfect sized bar menu and wine list. I can find a bottle of wine that pairs perfectly with any dish.
    I believe Sage is exactly what Columbus needs. With great restaurants like Rosendales and Alana's (which are pricey but good), its nice to go into Sage and feel like you're not breaking the bank to eat great food.
    Congrats to everyone at Sage for a great start. You should be very happy with everything you've achieved so far.
    I'm a fan through and through. Good Luck!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:51 PM  

  • Haha, I think the last 7 comments came from the same anonymous poster. Sorry your restaurant is turning out iffy food so far...I really am pulling for it. I'd love some more dining options in Clintonville, too. Sorry, but work on your menu a bit, and quickly!

    By Blogger Ashley, at 9:54 PM  

  • I love this place, great food and great service, the few that are hating on this place are nuts. We need this type of thing in Clintonville.

    By Anonymous john rusce, at 11:39 AM  

  • I love the comments....some good some not so much....
    honest responses, but the one blog was right if you cant read a sign your going to get towed anywhere in town.
    i haven't been yet but love what people are saying on here about the food.
    I will go this weekend with my wife and respond. It did win Best New Restaurant after all.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:14 AM  

  • I love Sage.

    I've been in numerous times and find the dishes on the menu refreshing. All are fantastic and I will continue to go back for more.

    I've never walked out of there thinking I got the raw end of the deal. The prices are fair and I've never paid more than I thought I should.

    To eat good food, you must open your eyes to different techniques and tastes. Sage American Bistro has all things needed to run successfully for years to come.

    By Anonymous Barbara, at 11:33 AM  

  • this place is outstanding great food...great service...very nice wine list also. very clean too
    i love the food we had a scallop dish with "blackberry ketchup" the chef also had a scallop appetizer that had a "red pepper marmalade" how cool is that. i am going to go here and go often.... check it out. the prices are really reasonable too

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:32 AM  

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