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Thursday, September 04, 2008

UPDATE: 2008 Columbus Summer Chili-Dog Challenge!

Dear readers, you may recall my previous post announcing my chili-dog extravaganza. Here's an update, in the form of hastily jotted notes from the front lines:
  • I've gone off the reservation, hitting a couple of joints not covered in Alive's original article. the Blue Danube has an *okay* chili-dog, but the weiner is massive, so much so that after 62% of it, you're either bored with the taste or highly uncomfortable.
  • I know lots of folks swear by Skyline Chili, but I can't get behind that alternate-universe, bizarro "chili sauce" syrup they put on their coneys--after eating two, I feel like I need an insulin shot.
  • Rad Dog's all-vegan chili-dog was surprisingly good, and eating it while walking around the Wednesday farmer's market/craft fair in downtown Columbus made for a nice experience. Two minor complaints: too much chili (especially for eating on foot), and veggie dogs could use some sort of "casing" to give them a more believable texture.
  • To all the haters out there: I *can so* eat chili-dogs and still lose weight.
More to come...

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