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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Surly Girl Pizza

I've only been whelmed by the sandwhiches and appetizers I have had at Surly Girl in the past, but I just recently tried the pizza. God Damn is it good. The real winner is the Surly Girl Pizza: crumbled gorgonzola, 6 cheese mix, dried cranberries, red onions and pecans over thin crust drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette. It's clearly my new favorite pizza in town!

The vegetarian sausage pizza (while not as complex in flavor) is also a nice treat for the vegetarians....

Local produce soon!

Ashley, Ben, and I have just purchased a share in the Sippel Family Farm. Soon, we'll receiving weekly bags of local organic produce. Each week we'll post about what we received and what we made with it. I've been on blog hiatus for the past few months, but I'm coming back baby!

Frozen Pierogies

I have discovered two new exciting developments in the frozen pierogi world.

1) The Anderson's (right by whole foods on 161 near sawmill) sells Mamusia's Pierogies. They taste as close to homemade as I've ever found! Let them slowly defrost in the fridge and then sautee them in butter. Don't boil them.

2) Sometimes, I can't make a special trip to the Andersons to buy pierogies. So, I am stuck with Mrs. T's from Giant Eagle. Mrs T's taste far from homemade (with their hint of manufactured rubberiness). But, Mrs. T's has come out with an innovative new flavor: potato, cheddar, jalepono. These jalepeno pierogies are delightfully spicy. I reccommend serving them with chipotle-spiced sour cream!

Friday, April 28, 2006

submission for drunken recipe contest: juice newton noodle explosion

the concoction you're witnessing could also be filed under, "things i'm embarassed to admit i enjoy," or "veg*n ways to enjoy traditional american spicy flavors."
the latter category might include other moments, like when you may find my boyfriend and me dipping homemade potato chips in to signature bbq sauce at a wedding reception at cincinnati's montgomery inn bbq restaurant. when you don't eat the meat, you don't really get flavors like bbq sauce and wing sauce that much. until now.

ladies and gentlemen, i present my attempt at documenting this bizarre, simple, and great-with-pbr delicacy.

ingredients: spaghetti, hot sauce, and vegan margarine (or butter)
directions: self-explanitory

(also good with a red pepper or two sauteed and added but, you know, sometimes you don't have those on hand. and ideally the sauce is thicker than the photo shows but you know, it's a drunken recipe contest.)

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Drunken Recipe Contest

I challenge you all to an ongoing drunken recipe contest. Next time you're a little sauced, take a moment to think up a creative new dish. At some point in the future a winner will be chosen, by a disinterested third party, and prizes will be won. They will be lovely.


  • Dish must be tasty whilst drunk/hungover

  • Attention must be paid to thoughtful presentation

  • Please include a photo, if possible.
    Low quality/shaky/cameraphone is OK (after all, you're drunk!)

  • If possible, include adult beverage(s) in photo background

  • Creatively name your entry

  • A full recipe is not required, since we probably won't be making it anyway.

Let me be the fist to submit an entry.

"The Manheim Steamroller"

A deconstructed BLT

Ooooh Yeah!

Toasted bread
Enough bacon for one half of sandwich

Build sandwich. Cut diagonally, and eat one half of sandwich (the one with the bacon on it). Begin to eat other half of sandwich. Discover there is no bacon on this half. Become angry and take sandwich apart. Pierce all ingredients with fancy toothpick(s), adding two pickle slices for emphasis.

Threaten server with your new creation.

Put ingredients back together and continue eating (you're hungry)